Fabiana Lacerca-Allen

Chief Compliance Officer, C-Suite Leader, Public Company Board Member, Legal Counsel

As a highly accomplished C-level compliance executive and public company Board leader with over 20 years of experience, I have excelled in leading global teams, developing comprehensive compliance strategies, and influencing corporate strategy and crisis management efforts.

Throughout my career, I have held key Board leadership positions that have allowed me to shape the strategic direction of organizations and contribute to their overall governance. My impact and experience as a Board leader is underpinned by my extensive experience as a C-level executive leader at renowned pharmaceutical, biotech, and life sciences companies such as Aimmune Therapeutics, Elan Pharmaceuticals, Mylan Laboratories, and Bristol Myers-Squibb. In these roles, I have successfully built compliance-focused organizational cultures and provided invaluable legal and compliance counsel to C-suite executives and Board members.

This commitment to compliance, ethics, and integrity is deeply embedded in my personal history. As the daughter of an Argentinian politician who dedicated his life to combatting dictatorship and corruption (and a survivor of numerous childhood kidnapping attempts), I developed a deep personal commitment to social justice, compliance, and anti-corruption as well as a keen analytical mindset and unique emotional intelligence. These skills and value orientations have enabled me to excel as a C-level and Board leader, providing effective guidance to global enterprise organizations amid crisis situations and steering them through periods of market and regulatory uncertainty.

Currently, I serve as a board member at Shield Therapeutics, a prominent pharmaceutical company based in Newcastle, UK. In this role, I leverage my extensive compliance knowledge and strategic acumen to provide guidance on regulatory compliance, risk management, and ethical business practices.

In addition to Shield Therapeutics, I have held Board positions at other esteemed organizations. I served as a board member at The Center for Excellence in Life, a San Francisco-based organization dedicated to promoting advancements in the life sciences industry. In this role, I actively participated in Board meetings and provided insights from my deep legal and compliance experience in the pharma sector to set strategic goals and drive the organization’s mission forward.

My Board leadership experience also extends to membership of various Board committees. As an Audit Committee Member at Arthrocare Medical Corporation, I oversaw financial reporting, risk management, and internal controls, providing valuable insights and recommendations to enhance corporate governance practices.

My profile as a Board leader is further strengthened by my track record as an award-winning and extensively published industry thought leader, winning prestigious awards and media features/publications such as:

  • Top Minds 2019 – Compliance Week
  • How to Successfully Manage in a Crisis – Hispanic Executive Magazine
  • Best Team in Town – Hispanic Executive Magazine
  • Legal Industry Leader – Hispanic Executive Magazine
  • Top Tips of Conducting a Virtual Internal Investigation – Lexology
  • Implementing a Robust Compliance Program in a Remote Environment – International In-House Counsel Journal
  • Women in Leadership, Inspiring Leaders – The Guardian

These accolades underscore my commitment to excellence and the significant impact I have made in the compliance and governance arenas.

With my extensive Board leadership experience, coupled with my proven expertise in corporate compliance and governance, I bring a unique perspective and a values-driven approach to any Board position. I am passionate about driving ethical practices, fostering a culture of integrity, and enabling organizations to thrive in a complex regulatory landscape.