Andrew Fede

Andrew Fede

Senior Compliance Manager at Google

Andrew Fede is an attorney with extensive experience in regulatory compliance, banking, consulting, and technology. He is currently serving as a Senior Compliance Manager at Google, where he provides strategic operational guidance to ensure compliance with various regulatory requirements. In addition to his role at Google, Professor Fede also serves as a Business Law Professor at Menlo College, where he shares his expertise with the next generation of legal and compliance professionals.

Prior to joining Google, Professor Fede has held various roles in banking, consulting, and tech for over 15 years. His in-depth knowledge of the regulatory landscape has helped companies navigate complex legal issues and ensure they are operating within the bounds of the law.

Professor Fede’s background in political organizing and fundraising for federal, state, and local campaigns demonstrates his commitment to public service and community engagement. This experience has informed his perspective on the importance of regulatory compliance in protecting the interests of all stakeholders.

Professor Fede will be teaching US Law and Legal Institutions at Fordham University, where he will bring his practical expertise to the classroom. He is passionate about educating and mentoring the next generation of legal professionals and looks forward to sharing his knowledge and experience with his students.