Adam S. Libove

Deputy Bureau Chief, Public Integrity Bureau, Kings County District Attorney’s Office

Adam joined the Kings County District Attorney’s Office in 2015 as a Senior ADA in the Public Integrity Bureau (PIB), where he has prosecuted a range of cases, including attorney embezzlement and public servant bribery cases, and tried a disbarred attorney who was convicted of stealing close to $1M from various clients.  In his work at PIB, Adam partners with various investigative agencies including the City Department of Investigation (DOI), the State Inspector General’s Office, and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, investigating and prosecuting crimes involving city and state employees and contractors.

PIB matters Adam has worked on include a 13-month wiretap investigation that netted more than 50 arrests.  The first portion of the investigation resulted in an Enterprise Corruption indictment against seven defendants, including a former National Grid employee who ran a shadow utility company that illegally installed gas meters in violation of safety protocols by infiltrating the public utility.

Adam also collaborated with the Special Victims Bureau (SVB) on the prosecution of Vincent Parco, a former private investigator who was convicted of unlawful surveillance and promoting prostitution.  Parco was hired by a client who was a defendant in an underlying sex crimes case being prosecuted by SVB. The sex crimes defendant attempted to induce the victim not to testify by hiring Parco to set up the victim’s husband.

Prior to joining KCDA, Adam worked for DOI as Counsel to the Inspectors General for the Departments of Correction and Probation and as the Director of the Marshals Bureau.  While at DOI, he was cross-designated as a Special ADA in the Bronx DA’s office where he assisted with the investigation and prosecution of 10 uniformed DOC staff members, including a former Chief of Security and a Captain who were convicted of ordering an Emergency Services Unit (ESU) team to assault an inmate during a search and then planting a weapon on him.  Prior to Adam’s work at DOI, he worked for Troutman Sanders in Commercial Litigation for five years.  Adam earned a BA in Political Science from Columbia College in 2003 and a JD from Fordham Law School in 2007.